Helping Good Homes Last Forever

We are a 501c Non-Profit Organization

According to the ASPCA’s National Rehoming Survey, pet problems are the most common reason that owners rehome their pet; accounting for 47% of rehomed dogs and 42% of rehomed cats.  Pet problems were defined as problematic behaviors, aggressive behaviors, grew larger than expected, or health problems owner couldn’t handle. While there are many programs in place to help shelter dogs get adopted; there are comparatively few programs in place to assist with the issues before an owner needs to rehome their pet. That’s where we come in! We want to help owners KEEP their pets; by helping them avoid the issues that lead to surrender. By taking a all-inclusive approach; and looking at the entire situation – many problematic behavioral issues, and even health issues can be remedied. In this way, we can “Make Good Homes Last Forever”.


How can we help your home last forever?



By providing matchmaking assistance, free of charge, we help dogs find the right families – and families find the right dogs. When matches are made based on good information; it is much more likely to last forever!



Sometimes you just need a little extra help. Hard times happen. Perhaps you just don’t know where to turn. Perhaps you’d like to get training, but you just can’t afford it. Maybe it’s a vet bill you can’t pay. Contact us. We have a variety of services and financial assistance funds that might be just what you need!



We provide information and resources to help rescues and shelters do their best work. From educating fosters to providing group classes to shelters; our goal is to help those seeking adoption really shine!

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The Canine Fellowship works to help owners avoid some of the most common reasons dogs are surrendered.

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