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The Canine Fellowship

We don’t believe anyone sets out to get a pet; with the intention of getting rid of it in a few months or years. Yet; thousands of pets are surrendered to shelters every year. Our primary objective is to directly combat the main reasons owners find themselves in the position of needing to re-home their pet.


As trainers; some of the biggest problems we encounter arise out of a bad match; New owners fall in love with a dog they saw on TV, or one they met at the local park – and they run out to buy or adopt that specific breed, without being fully informed. A different lifestyle; one that doesn’t fully meet the dog’s needs – leads to frustration, and behavioral issues that the family is ill-equipped to handle. Had they known from the start they could have either chosen a different breed or been better prepared to handle the one they got. Just because you think those Border Collies you saw running agility on TV are adorable – doesn’t mean one would be a good fit for your 84 year old grandmother who is looking for a companion in her retirement home! By helping new owners make informed, educated decisions there is a far greater chance they will be able to keep their dog forever. How does it work? Its simple! Just get in touch with one of the participating trainers listed on our site. You can call or email them. They will ask you a few questions and offer an opinion. Whether you are just thinking about getting a dog and would like to know what to look for, or you have your eye on one in particular; the trainer can give you a professional opinion about whether or not it might be a good fit. Of course – there are no guarantees, but a little information can go a long ways!

Financial Assistance:

Life happens. We get it. You may have had the most perfect dog, and then something happened and now you need help. Maybe you see a problem brewing; but you just can’t afford training at this time. Maybe your vet has found a medical issue, but you just can’t afford the bills. We can help! How does it work? In the case of a training or behavioral issue – we again invite you to contact one of our trainers by phone or email. Often they can give you a few quick fixes over the phone to help alleviate the issues if they aren’t too serious. If the trainer feels a hands-on approach is necessary; they will provide you with a quote. You can then apply for financial assistance to help defray the cost. If you receive financial assistance; it will be sent directly to the trainer you have chosen to work with. In the case of a medical issue; you will need to provide information from your vet and give us permission to contact them. There is an application process that will be reviewed by the Board and if approved; money will be sent directly to your vet to help with the medical expenses.

Rescue Resources:

If you volunteer with a rescue group; chances are you’ve had questions at some point! By giving volunteers a resource to turn to and information to help; we strive to help the dogs in their care. By offering human education classes, such as; managing multi-dog households, reading canine body language, nutrition and fitness, K9 first aid & CPR, equipment selection and fitting, learning theory, and more- we aim to give care-givers the tools they need to be successful fosters. We also offer free group classes to shelters and rescues to help bring out the best in their pups and make them more adoptable. We enthusiastically participate in the APDT CLASS program, and encourage all rescues to get degrees for their dogs!

Contact us today for assistance with any aspect of dog ownership.